Gin & Tonic Infuser

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Gin & Tonic Cocktail Infusions from Te Tonic are the easy and unique way to make creative cocktails. Each flavor is in the form of a silk pouch, in its own little box, and resembles a tea bag. The ingredients are botanicals, herbs, flowers, and spices.

The set of 6 cocktail infusers includes Red Passion, Rose Jasmine, Yellow Citric, Orange Energy, Green Fresh, and White Essential. Gin & Tonic Cocktail Infusions create a delicious beverage in just a few simple steps. Choose your infuser and put the silk pouch in a glass. Add an appropriate amount of gin. Allow the flavors to blend and infuse the gin for 4-6 minutes. Add ice, pour in the tonic water, and remove the infuser sachet. Voila, there's your tasty drink! Clear instructions are on the box. Useful and unusual, Gin & Tonic Cocktail Infusions make a thoughtful gift for your gin drinking pals.

  • One box with 6 infusions
  • Infusers: Passion (Red), Jasmine (Rose), Citric (yellow), Energy (Orange), Fresh (Green), and Essential (White)
  • Contains botanicals, herbs, flowers, spices in silk pouches
  • Does NOT contain alcohol
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